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Touched By An Angel Arts "N" Crafts

DIY " The Golden Snowman" Paint Kit

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Introducing our enchanting "The Golden Snowman" Paint Kit — a winter wonderland captured on canvas! Transform your artistic dreams into reality with this all-inclusive kit that brings the magic of the season to life.

Each kit comes with a premium canvas, available in a spacious 16x20 size for immersive detail or a convenient 9x12 canvas board for a more intimate masterpiece. To make your creative journey even more enjoyable, we've pre-traced the canvas with the charming outline of a golden snowman, allowing you to focus on the joy of painting without worrying about initial sketches.

The included paint set boasts a carefully curated palette of rich, shimmering colors, ensuring your snowman shines with a golden glow that captures the essence of winter magic. Our professional-grade brushes, featuring a range of sizes, provide the perfect tools for achieving intricate details or broad strokes, allowing you to express your artistic vision with ease.

No need to worry about post-painting cleanup — we've got you covered! The kit includes disposable paper towels and a convenient apron to keep you mess-free while you channel your creativity. Unleash your imagination, let the golden hues dance across the canvas, and watch as your snowman takes shape in a world of wintry brilliance.

Please note that due to the personalized nature of the pre-traced canvas, there are no refunds or exchanges. Embrace the spirit of the season, dive into the joy of painting, and create a masterpiece that captures the golden magic of "The Golden Snowman" Paint Kit. Order yours today and let the winter enchantment begin!