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Touched By An Angel Arts "N" Crafts

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Thank you for choosing Touched By An Angel Arts "N" Crafts for your sublimation needs. We are excited to offer Sublimation Gang Sheets in sizes 24x22, 24x36, or single sheets measuring 13x19.

Each of our sublimation gang sheets is meticulously designed to ensure that your images are perfectly displayed without any overlap or cutoff. We understand the importance of maintaining image quality, which is why we recommend that all images be submitted at a resolution of 300 DPI. Please make sure the images are not blurry and send your gang sheet or PNG Image for the 13x19 sheet to Do not send blurry images or screenshots of images. 

Sublimation images can not be pressed on dark colors.

Can only be applied on 100% Polyester material for the best results or at least 60% Polyester material. 

Images can not be applied with a conventional iron but can be applied with a heat press.

 Please make sure when sending your gang sheet. Please be sure to add your name in the subject line and order number.